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KKSIC is a famous international design chain with good reputation in Mainland China, to provide cutting edge design and customer-made service for high-class owners. Unbounded creativity is the target of the whole team full of vigour and vitality, we are keeping innovating with respect to the traditional rules but not been restricted, integrating global vision with local expertise to provide practical solutions, for the property development in hospitality, health care and pension industry

Networked Service: Regional Offices located in major and dynamic cities: Shenzhen, Shanghai, Beijing and Suzhou, Shenzhen Office as China headquarter, to establish a national service network for projects all over the China

Co-operation with HOG: We have long term cooperation with famous international and domestic hotel operators such as IHG, Marriott, Hyatt, Hilton, Accor, Kerry Group, Lamborghini, and Chinese Jinjiang, New Century etc., accumulated substantial projects cases for those branded hotels as well as latest hospitalities rules and experiences.   

Consultancy to famous real estate developers:During the past decades, many famous real estate companies such as Poly, Vanke, AVIC, Zhongtian Group and Central China Group etc. has being as our customers, We are also growing up together in accompany with above giants during past years.

Integrating core trades: Covering the design works of architectural, structural, MEP interior, and lighting etc., from the conceptual planning to schematic, design development, tender drawings and construction documents, we are one of the few one-stop design suppliers to help those clients unfamiliar with hotels to prevent waste of time and money.

Ride on the top tide of industry :We have our finger on the pulse of industry progress of accommodation from city business hotels to village resorts and urban resorts, from single hotel to HOPSCA and theme park or facilities for elders. With extensive studies and practices, we are building up much more expertise and projects by providing unique designs which are leading the progress of the time.

Every trip is a wonder of release. We are proud of ourselves for being the designer of some of that released liberation.

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